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Jamie Playford provides commentary in the February edition of the Norfolk Voice.

Jamie Playford, Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, Business Advisor and Director of East Anglia Insolvency practice Leading UK, has featured in the February edition of the Norfolk Voice.

In the article which appears on page 35, Jamie outlines the top new years resolutions that business owners should be making to help ensure their business stays on track. Key tips include reviewing or writing a comprehensive business plan to ensure you have specific, measurable objectives in place so you can constantly measure your progress. Being able to assess your position against these objectives means you will be able to ensure that your business is moving in the right direction and that your aims and objectives are being achieved. Jamie also advocates the importance of paying particular attention to the financial aspects of your business, meaning you keep a close eye on cashflow at all times so that you can prepare to plug any gaps or have a contingency fund should you run into more difficult times.

At Leading UK, Jamie works with a wide range of business owners who often make similar mistakes and find themselves in a challenging business situation. In the article, Jamie explains how to avoid falling into these traps through careful monitoring of your business activities.

Other tips include conducting a review of your branding and marketing materials as well as ensuring you stay on top of any major changes that are happening within your industry. Jamie said “January is a fantastic time for business owners to review their business and make a full plan for the year ahead. Taking the time to measure the performance of your business will help you identify any changes that need to be made as well as allow you to replicate any areas that are working effectively.”

The full article is available to read in the February edition of the Norfolk Voice, a copy of which can be found here: http://goo.gl/4uYJe4

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