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Welcome to My New Blog: Jamie Playford

Hello. I’m Jamie Playford, one of East Anglia’s top Insolvency Practitioners and welcome to my new blog site. Here I’ll be posting periodic articles on a number of subjects ranging from insolvency through to general financial advice.

I currently work as one of the managing partners in Leading UK, a Norwich based insolvency practice with a focus on redefining customer contact. In a break from the traditional approach associated with the industry, we prefer to offer a reflexive service that responds to the demands of our clients working lives and deals with their situation in an understanding and empathic manner.

Over the years I have dealt with a wide variety of different situations with businesses and ventures who are struggling to overcome the various challenges of today’s difficult, fast changing marketplace. By assisting them in overcoming tough circumstances I have gained a considerable appreciation of the qualities and techniques required to aid recovery and regain control of a company’s books.

I believe that my experience will give me a good standpoint from which to deliver useful and helpful articles that provide sound financial advice and useable points. You’ll find these on this blog with regular updates taking on broader subjects including changes in legislation and proactive business advice.

We are all increasingly aware of the volatility of today’s financial climate and the change towards asset based finance implemented by the lending industry. This has resulted in more businesses now borrowing to gain premises and vital operational equipment rather than simply requesting money to provide the initial cash flow.

This shift in culture has lead to one of the biggest changes in recent times, with banks and other lending institutions becoming less keen to demand the complete return of debt, instead of relying on business to service the interest.

I am well equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you through challenging financial times. Hopefully this will be reflected throughout my blog providing you with vital tips and information to get the best out of your business.

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